Capital: Ottawa

Population: 35,158,300 |2013 Census|

Largest City: Toronto

National Language(s): English, French

Area: 9,984,670 KM2 – 3,854,085 Mi2

Currency: Canadian Dollar |CAD|

Canada is the largest country in the western hemisphere and home to more than 36 million as per 2016 data. It is known to be one of the safest countries in the world with very advanced facilities available on college or university campus as well as off campus. International students studying in Canada offer a pleasing review about Canadian education and its culture. Canada is and has been one of the topmost favorable countries for international students for years and years. Studying in Canada offers international students an exposure to the happening world along with the substantial amount of knowledge and hands on skills necessary to have a long lasting and successful career.

Why Study in Canada?

1. Canadian Education System

Canada is a highly developed country and it is widely known for its topnotch education system. The teaching faculties in Canadian colleges are proficient and of good natured who kindly help international students in academic programs and other such cultural programs. Canadian education system is known to be career-oriented as it offers in depth and practical knowledge to excel in the respective career. In today’s date, the education system of Canada ranks as the 7th best education system in the world. Moreover, it also offers a wide range of courses to choose from, making it easier for students to choose their favorable field and prosper.

2. Employment opportunities

Canadian Government has consistently been adding compelling features to welcome more international students to their nation. One of these features has been related to working opportunities in Canada for international students. Canada now offers foreign students the permission to work for a certain period of time after the completion of the valid study in Canada. Therefore, now the international students can get Canadian work experience as well as per certain policies. Furthermore, Canada has remained fairly unaffected by the unemployment. While many other developed nations had been influenced, Canada shows no major falls in the employment rate. Hence, its employment market is sturdy in compare to the other nations of the world which has been proven to be extremely beneficial for international students wishing to study in Canada.

3. Life in Canada

In comparison to the most European and North American countries, Canada is less expensive. It also offers quality medical care in economical price rate. International students may also receive additional health care benefits when signed up with their respected college policies. One of the reasons to study in Canada is its multiculturalism. Canada has been the first nation to introduce multiculturalism in the year 1971. It suggests that Canada welcomes students from all around the world. Even today, it is home to citizens from across the world. Alongside its advancement in science and technology, its traditional and exquisite places attract the international students. Foreign students are exposed to eye-pleasing sceneries during their stay in Canada. Recently, Canada has been ranked as the 2nd most beautiful country in the world following Scotland.

4. Cost of study in Canada

On an average, the fee for education in Canada ranges from approximately CAD $ 12,000 to CAD $ 15,000 per year which is around 620000 INR to 776088 INR per year. However the cost of study varies as per the course program and duration, university and the province selected to study in Canada. The general living cost in Canada is expected to be of approximately CAD $10, 100 per year i.e. around 522000 INR per year. Other expenses in Canada are relatively inexpensive than many developed nations of the world.

5. Why study in Canada for Indian students? OR Benefits for Indian students

Canada has introduced educational and employment policies that offer a number of benefits to Indian students. The educational qualification received from Canada is highly valued worldwide. This helps Indian students to work in any international and multinational corporations of the world. With the hands on education Canadian universities provide, students may also be able to establish their own business with the procured knowledge. After studying in Canada, Permanent Residence possibilities for Indian students increase to a great extent.

Places to visit in Canada

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Parliament Hill, Ottawa

CN Tower, Toronto

Stanley Park, Vancouver

Did you know?

Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world combined.

Why Study in Canada?

Major Intake : January / May / September

Fees Range Cad $12000 – $ 15000 a year (Approx)

Expected living cost $ 10,100 per year

Apply under quick and easy and easy SSP program

Wide range of courses to choose from

Excellent PR possibilities

Full List of Universities In Canada

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