Capital: Sydney

Population: 22,942,649 2013 Estimate

Largest City: Sydney

National Language: English

Area: 7,692,02 KM2 – 2,969,907 Mi2

Currency: Australian Dollar |AUD|

Commonwealth of Australia or commonly known as Australia is located in the mainland of the Australian continent and it is the largest island of the world. It is the only nation-continent of the planet. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world by area. It is extremely advanced in terms of its education, lifestyle, economy, culture, entertainment, etc. Its 26% of the population are inhabitants of other nations and it is the ninth largest nation to have immigration population. Australia is the second country to allow women to vote after New Zealand.

Why Study in Australia?

1. Australia Education System

Australian education system is known to be one of the world’s supreme education systems as their education includes thorough learning of the course alongside their extracurricular programs which helps the international students to actively participate in study and other such programs. It offers a wide range of courses to choose from along with the economical academic fees. Australian government offers wholesome of opportunities to international students after their study in Australia is completed. The faculties are understanding, experienced and significantly skilled which further helps overseas students to make a considerable progress.

2. Employment Opportunities

Australian is one of the only advanced nations around the globe to offer employment in their country itself once the students have successfully completed their valid study program. The noteworthy feature is that it offers post study work visa with handsome package. It provides the highest wage to the international students than any other nation of the world. Education from Australian universities is highly revered across the world. Through Australian education, students can receive work opportunities at higher level in revered organizations around the world.

3. Lifestyle in Australia

Australia is known to be unique and diverse. It is a secular country i.e. it has no official religion and people are independent to follow the religion of their choice. It has also adopted multiculturalism. Combinations of people live in Australia, making it one of the diverse nations of the globe. Australia is blessed with landscapes and other such natural places. Melbourne has yet again been ranked as the most livable city of the world most livable city for the past three years.

4. Cost of study in Australia

Australia generally holds major intakes in the month of February, July and October. Its academic fees range from approximately 16,000 AUD to 22,000 AUD per year i.e. about 8,20,000 INR to 11,00,000 INR. The living cost for an individual is expected to be nearly AUD 18,000 per year. Its education is very reliable for a noble career prospective.

5. Why study in Australia for Indian students? OR Benefits for Indian students

Indian students often admire the Australian culture and the universities of Australia very much. Australia offers optimal facilities to foreign students including India as well. Students from across India prefer to pursue their higher studies in Australia for a great number of benefits it has to offer. Indian students are treated pleasingly in Australia, both on campus or off campus.

Places to visit

Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

 Sydney Opera House, Sydney

Bondi Beach, New South Wales

Echo Point Lookout, Katoomba

Did you know?

Tasmania, an isolated state of Australia, has the cleanest air in the world.

Why Study in Australia?

Major Intake : Feb / July / October

Fees range Aus $ 16000 – $ 22000 a year (Approx)

Expected living cost Aus $ 18000 a year

Over 40 university to choose from under SVP

Third party sponsorship accepted

Full List of Universities In Australia

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